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Music Videos

Nothing brings people together like music does. We want to help launch your music onto new platforms with professional content that captures your unique style and sound. Music has such a special partnership with video, so we can’t wait to collaborate on crafting exactly what you want to put out into the world!

"A good video can make all the difference." - Brian May

Chasing Fireflies - Roslyn Witter

So excited to have had the opportunity of editing this music video for Roslyn.

Clap - Lethal C

A Rap music video we did with Lethal C.

Winnipeg Youth Chorus Virtual Choir

Having cancelled their performance due to Covid-19, the Winnipeg Youth Chorus came to us, and with help from John Paul Peters from Private Eye Recording, to bring this video together

One Voice One World

This song has recordings from all over the world including Austria, Germany, Scotland, South Africa, and Canada. We put together this lyric video to help capture it's meaning.

Six Feet Under

We recorded this music video with the very talented local band Fowler. We all hope this creepy video scratches that Halloween itch!

Superhero (Explicit)

Even though this was filmed on the coldest day in the past 140 years, we still had a blast filming with Lethal-C.

Normal Christmas Time

This 2020 holiday season will be like no other we've ever experienced. The Motherfunk wrap up our emotions perfectly in this COVID Christmas tune.

You and I

It's always a treat to work with Jace, but this was especially fun. You will soon see why!

Life is a Highway

A fun cover of Life is a Highway by the Winnipeg Youth Chorus. Filmed around the forks in downtown Winnipeg.

Eyez of a Stranger

An ambitious piece we made with Lethal-C that turned into somewhat of a heist movie.

Beside You

A virtual choir video we made with the Winnipeg Youth Chorus. Everyone was filmed separately on a green screen and placed together.

Save The Animals

We created this music video with Lethal-C for his song Save The Animals to hopefully help motivate people to start thinking about their actions.

The Ground

We worked with the Winnipeg Youth Chorus to bring this project into reality. Everyone was filmed separately on a green screen and composited together into this virtual space. Enjoy! 


A really fun music video we made with Jace Bodner. As you can guess, we ate a lot of candy while filming...

Healing Hope Harm Reduction Concert Day 1

Working with the wonderful people at the First Nations Health and Social Secretariat of Manitoba was a blessing in creating this virtual concert.

Healing Hope Harm Reduction Concert Day 2

The second day of the Healing Hope Harm Reduction Concert Series.

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