Jacob Markham


Creating films with friends was what first drew me to the camera. After countless experiments, adventures and comedic ventures, film opened my eyes to a whole new world of creativity where crafting the look, sound, and story became more and more exciting with everything that I learned. I loved the challenge but most of all I fell in love with getting to collaborate with people. I dove into learning the craft and never stopped producing with my friends, even earning us a place amongst national festivals. Now I'm following my dream, taking it one step at a time.

Our Story

We started out as eager storytellers drawn to the medium of film as a way to craft emotion through art and connect with people. Growing up, each of us explored the world through a lens, capturing friends, characters, and stories faster than our cameras could keep up with. After each accumulating a catalogue of childhood adventures, we worked hard to grow ourselves into the filmmakers our childhood-selves wanted us to be. We committed to training, working in the industry, producing our own work, and screening at festivals. Now with our skills sharpened and our dreams bigger than ever, we’ve decided the next exciting expansion is to work with you! We are so passionate about discovering the story in everything around us and we want to share that the best way we know how: through film. 

Taryn Edgeworth


I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. I grew up exploring the Arts as a means to discover the world around me, express what I saw and felt, and connect with people. I fell in love with writing, photography, theatre, and film. Inspired equally by the city and nature, I took to the camera with an eagerness to discover and project an honest interpretation of humanity in every story that I crafted. Now, I continue my pursuit of being a director through training, collaborating, and creating films for festivals. In doing so, I’ve found myself met by a beautiful sense of community that has made me very excited about the future of film, storytelling, and my place amongst it all.

Noah Stieler

Video Editor & Game Developer

My endless curiosity and love of learning has led me to pursue artistic endeavours of many forms. From a young age I have been passionate about technology and the tools it gives us to not only make the world a better place, but to make our visions a reality. I have worked on a high-altitude balloon design team which captured footage of the Earth from thousands of feet off the ground, along with smaller projects like learning to create computer games myself or editing videos in interesting and compelling ways. From these phenomenal experiences I have been able to build a diverse set of skills which never fail to bring a multi-faceted and unique perspective to anything you seek to create.