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Documentary Film Production

What Do You Do?

Our documentary web series following around people in their jobs to show off possible career paths for students.

Documentaries can't be made with a cookie cutter, so the best thing you can do is reach out. That way we can sit down and talk about what a project together might look like.

Recent Projects

Explore some of our recent projects. We're always open to exploring new subject matter, so please feel free to reach out with any questions.


DIY Tow Rope Tractor Mini Doc

Hinode Taiko

40th Anniversary Historical Documentary

Hinode Taiko

40th Anniversary Concert Film

More Projects

Why we love documentaries...

It was never in our plan to start making documentaries, but as soon as we started getting into them, we absolutely loved crafting and telling other people's stories. We love the fact that we can go into a project with something in mind, then during the process have the story evolve into something completely different. Documentaries can truly affect people's lives like we haven't seen before. That is why we love making them.

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